The fashion and style  show was filled with so much glamour and excitement. There were so many designers,  models, colourful outfits and most of all expectant audience.

  Just as the models came in their different attires, so also did the occasion lit up. 

At the climax of this spectacular occasion, she walked in heads up, shoulders upright with so much sexy fury did she walk in with heels of about 9 inches,  she got every one’s attention. Her elegance, her prowess was uncontrollably attractive as her hips moved from side to side in leather skirt with a v slit at the back, she didn’t hesitate to gain possession of the stage that she was on as she displayed the crop top she had on and keeping everyone aware of the purse she held. 

Leaving everyone dazzled,  when she got to the end of the runway, she took off her glasses, flung her hair, paused for the cameras and she walk majestically off the runway 

And then came back all the models that had displayed for this designer,  they walked in with uniform queuing two on each side of the runway striking long powerful strides, litting up the runway And keeping the audience engaged .

Then the designer of this clothing line walked in through their middle along with her selected best attired model  for this collection, she took a bow and the crowd applauded her amazing designs so powerfully displayed by the 18 models.

This is an article describing this extracted video for fashion and style week.  

Let’s get motivated. 

Guess what? You are reading and wondering what I want to write about right? Lol 

Well the truth is 

  I don’t know where you are in life, I don’t know what you are battling with, who you have been making your life choices around but I have good  news for you,  you can still get on the fast track. 

There is a girl I know and admire her approach to life, she has been living  with her mum and siblings for a long time now, she is faced with this feeling of rejection and often times she asks herself why her dad abandoned them, she has flash backs of when she was younger, when he was around and he played with her hair and took them shopping but today they don’t ever see him around but you know what? 

 She doesn’t allow this circumstances surrounding her family pull her down.  She didn’t become an introvert,  she didn’t start acting weird,  she didn’t hate boys for her father’s flaws but guess what she is following in her mothers path of greatness,  she is working hard in school, she is open minded and ready to make new friends and she holds God so firmly to be there for her.

 I have met people that immediately things went sour, they just let go of their morals,  their vision  and their decisions were now based on how they were feeling at that point and not what would be fruitful in the end.

 Sister, you are better than that decision to compete with that girl that sits at the front row in school or the one who was once your friend. Life is not a bed of roses, but you can make it your bed of roses . How?

Firstly you have to believe in yourself, you have to look at the person in the mirror and believe the person is strong and better than she/he is today. 

Decide on developing yourself. What can you do?  You sure have Something you do better than everyone else around you,  utilise it and start growing it. Start developing it by going for trainings or practicals, read about it,  browse about it why way you can be developed,  go for it.  That takes me to the movie,  “fast girls” 

The girl in this movie was growing up in a ghetto where the bad influence rate was so high there was no chances of being someone successful, but she took up her sprint talent, got her self a coach, went through the rigorous training for months,  she cut down all her wants and focused  on her goal of qualifying for a national racing competition. your talent maybe dancing,  singing,  sewing,  modeling, evening laughing, guess what?  Just develop it.

Next,  cut down all wrong communication,  you might have this group of people that don’t see the good in you or they now capitalise on the bad things about you, if you see that they can’t help you change or they insist on gossiping about you and making you feel less than who you believe you are,  it’s simple you walk out of the friendship,  relationship,  brotherhood or sisterhood,(sweetheart this would hurt you but this is the best for you) keep those people at arm’s length and find people who encourage you your vision,  people who see your weak points but help you become a better person,  people who want to see you grow,  people who complement you and help you wax stronger. 

In the movie, she let go of her sisters,  those were the people pulling her down with words and she said embraced her coach that constantly encouraged her,  and spotted out her wrong doings but helped her improve on them.  

Finally in this article, put on the zeal of determination to win at all cost.  When you have a realistic goal and you have the instruments to help you get there. My darling be determined, fight till the end,  work with all your heart and make sure you win.  In this movie,  she could only win by making friends with a girl that hated her strongly, she taeined with her and she won because she was determined. 

So also should you determine to win and fight through every legal means you win.  You would have to meet person, even serve with humility when necessary but the best of it all,  is that it pays. 

  At this point, I would stop for now

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Worried about acnes,  pimples…here is a solution. 

Its really annoying to wake up in the morning and see one very huge ugly looking acne on your forehead. I know how you feel when your best friend asks you if you changed your body lotion and when you walk down the hallway your friends attempt to touch the pimples on your face,  that feeling hurts most when your face is used as a sample by your friends. 

I have good news for you on how to work on them. My sample face is that of the best female rappers we have in Nigeria and thats, ‘Eva Alordiah’

Here is a picture before and after. 

 Every morning you wake up and you see your face and you ask your self can my face get  better? Yes it can. Just read these fast working home remedies:

1.Wash your pillow case and always make sure it is clean. 

You keep your face on this piece of cloth every day if it’s dirty, your face is at danger.

2. Stop worrying and try to forget about the acnes and pimples on your face.

When you stop worrying you will start believing it would get better.  When you stop worrying,  your immune system would be more sensitive and it would work more effectively at repairing of dead cells. 

3. The lemon trick:

Squeeze a lemon, and apply the juice on your face, morning and evening. Get Cotton wool, soak it in the juice and apply on the affected region at night and wash it off in the morning. 

4. Honey

 It has this special explofiating effect,  it helps open up the skin pores on the face and it does so much magic on clearing the face by applying honey on the affected region at night and rinse it off in the morning.

5. Toothpaste:

Application of toothpaste on the affected region at night and it is rinse off in the morning has a special effect on the clearing of the face. Just put it on the acne or pimple and leave it till morning,  then you wash it off,  it would help dry it off. 

Finally in dealing with Acnes and pimples do not expect immediate flawless face,  sweetheart this happens over a while, You just have to be patient with your face and let your face clear.  

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All about the eyebrows 

  Hey girlfriend, I am back again with another very important article and a must read for every young lady with Very high beauty goals.

 This might be a very weird topic to write about but it is a very important part of the face to a makeup artist. When a makeup artist tries to transform ones face,  if she has draw perfect eyebrows, there is this high level of confidence that sets in, so that’s why the eyebrows are very important.  It plays a high part to overall beauty of the face. 

What is an eyebrow? 

This is the strip of hair growing on the ridge above the eye socket.

Have you seen someone without eyebrows and someone with eyebrows, you will know that their is this attractive beauty,  it adds  to our faces.

See this picture 

Therefore there is need to take care of our eyebrows. How can we take good care of our eyebrows.

Here are some ways: 

1. Encourage growth:

From research the healthier your brows the better a person looks.  So one can encourage growth by taking in more of vitamin A, C, E,  it helps for the growth of hair.  Also the application of lemon oil, castor oil can also help with the growth. Also the application of Vaseline will help the growth of the eyebrows. 

2.knowing the best shape

One has to know the shape of eyebrows that best fits their face. There are different brows. Some of  which are displayed below:

3. Removing excess hair

When you know the shape that fits ones face, the brows have to shaped in line with the brows to be drawn. The excess hair can be removed by using a tweezers,  razor blade and so on.  When these excess hair is removed, it helps the eyebrows to look very neat.

4.using makeup:

The use of makeup at this point is to enhance the look of the brows and give it this perfect look.  This is done using an eye pencil, eyeliner gel,  and  a concealer.

With an eye pencil

With an eyebrow pomade. 

Finally,  I hope this has been very helpful to you. 

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Off shoulders 👗  over crop tops 

Walking to the lecture hall every morning is every Students morning exercise.  It is enjoyed because we get to see the Different attires from the good looking ones to those that are not attractive at all.

About last summer, everyone was wearing a crop top and if you weren’t well, you could be referred to as a fashion kill.  The crop tops helped to show off some flesh on the stomach and it looked so beautiful. This summer, it has been all about displaying the clavicles they have been looking the ‘chicest.’

It first started with  the wearing of slouchy off shoulder which was to help with the cold weather during the spring. It was popularly called the cold slouchy off shoulder. These cold slouchy off shoulder was a way of showing little skin and it  still looked so sexy. 

The off shoulder dress first came into place on a fashion runway event and it was the highlight of the event and ever since then it has been everywhere. Sarah Tam was the first glimmer of off shoulder craze

Of recent, If you hit a classy and popular bar, you can be sure that majority of trend conscious girls there would be on the off shoulder tops or off shoulder gowns. It has not just been everywhere but it has been everything, especially the off shoulder with a crop top nature has been a win win dress sense. 

The most amazing part of this outfit is that from research it has been said that off shoulders have come to stay for a long time with us, shoppers has not displayed any form of fatigue for it. Online shops are said to be selling their off shoulder outfits so easily while malls keep restocking it on a daily basis because its now every girls must wear. 

It can no longer be called a trendy attire but a wardrobe essential outfit. The dress is flirty,  flattering and most all, it hides a pit stain. What more do you want in a dress. You can wear it out for a date,  church, school,  name it anywhere. It’s team off shoulder all the way. 

Happy weekend sweethearts.

Can I be your date this Valentine? 

One day you will meet someone 

Who adores your smiles.                                  Who your presence means everything.     Who sees you as the most beautiful girl,    whose heart breaks whenever you cry,      whose brightest moments are always with you,                                                         someone who has heard about your past but still wants you so badly,                           who always wants to spend time with you                                                                            who doesn’t sleep but rather watches.  over you day and night.                                      Who fights your battles from the.    spiritual to the physical,                                     who will shower you with so much.       money.         

Someone who wants to be your date this Valentine

That person is Jesus,  he loves you and wants you to just give him a chance to be with you? 

Make the right choice today and live for Jesus.  He will flood your life with testimonies.    

He loves  you and wants that day to be Today and forever. 

Please give him a chance. 

How can you do this 

1.Say the salvation prayer. Which is :              “Thank you, God, for loving me and sending your Son to die on the cross for my sins. I give Jesus control of my life. Help me to be the person that You want me to be. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

2.  Expect a miracle as you study the word and create a relationship 

Congratulations  love. 


Another feeling.


As I knelt down infront of him, all that flooded my mind was scenes of my past heart breaks, all the insults, the continuous nagging from my mother and the depressed look on my dad’s face. I knew that if Jesse decides to go through with his decision to end the relationship, i might never get anyone that would love me the way he loved me. 

‘please Jesse forgive me,’ I said. He looked away. Suddenly, tears flooded my eyes and it dawned on me that I had lost him.  I wanted him to remember all the good times we spent together, the sacrifices I had made. I began to cry out, I felt this deep stinking pain in my heart. 

  I tried to gasp for air but I couldn’t. He got up and he left me lying down on the floor. I held his leg but he pulled it.  I called out, ‘Jesse please come back,’ he flung the door open and walked through it. I felt like my heart was bleeding. ‘It is over,’I said to myself.

  Tears rolled down uncontrollably, my world was crumbling gradually.  I had built everything around him. I asked myself, ‘what will I do now? ‘ I couldn’t just bear the pain,  I said to  myself, ‘so three years has been wasted.’ This feeling made me cry more. 

 Just then Brenda, my roommate, walked in. she run to me and gave me a big hug, she consoled and told me it was all going to be alright. She didn’t allow me talk, she just kept wiping my tears way. 

She said,  ‘I know it’s very painful, but I promise you you will come out victorious.’ 

I told her, ‘I can never love again. ‘ and she smiled and  she said, ‘love knows no hurdles or walls rather it jumps all hurdles and penetrates all walls to a place where there is hope. You would soon learn to love again and this time harder than you loved. ‘

I sobbed on her laps till I slept off. 

Another misunderstanding 


Give me back the phone‘I said while trying to pull his arm. ‘hold on, we are in church‘he said as he typed on. Within him it was time to deal with this matter and let bygones be bygones.  I stood right next to him wishing he would respect my decision but anger had already filled his heart. 

Jesse, my boyfriend, had developed strong Hatred for this intruder in our relationship. He noticed I spent most of my time chatting with him and he was fed up and determined to end it this night. I felt so bad that it had affected him this much but he hadn’t told me rather he made me feel he was okay with it.  It then dawned on me that it  was time  to end the communication between me and Segundo. 

When I got the phone back, I blocked Segundo’s number but it was already too late.  Jesse was so furious, he went from  blaming himself for not having my time to wishing I would stop being naive. The ride back back home was quiet and I couldn’t find the right words for my apology, all that filled my heart was regret. 

The pain in my heart grew when he compared our relationship to that of his close friends.  I just knew it time to let him know that all of these won’t be happening if he carved out time for Me, if he created time to play with me more,  I won’t have develop this strong love for talking to strangers over the phone to pass time. 

At this point I stormed off, wishing he would come after me but guess what?  He didn’t come after me. I went straight to my room all miserable and unable to make dinner, I sobbed myself to sleep

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